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We are proud to grow certified organic berries

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«Small Fruit»

At our berry farm we grow organic and environmentally friendly berries. Our products have all needed certificates.

Our main goal: production of environmentally friendly products with affordable prices for any class of consumers.

  • We grow without pesticides

    We do not use harmful fertilizers, pesticides or any other substances harmful to the environment and human health.

  • We store our berries without preservatives

    To store our berries we use only cold. The freezing procedure takes place immediately after harvesting.

  • Organic berries from the Ukrainian land

    For the growth of our berries we picked the perfect place by geographic location and composition of the soil.

Our berries

We guarantee timely delivery of frozen berries.
Delivery is also possible with the help of shipping companies and couriers.


Varieties of berries:
Letizia, Clery, Aprica, Zenga Zengana


Varieties of berries:
Triple Crown


Varieties of berries:


Varieties of berries:
Brusvyana, Brusilovsky Standard

The advantages of our freezing technologies

Freezing takes place immediately after harvesting on a powerful innovative equipment, where it is immediately packed without delay according to the method of deep freezing. It is now difficult to find at least one family that would not feel the benefits of frozen berries, vegetables and fruits. Indeed, what a pleasure you experience in the winter from berry desserts cooked with thawed raspberries or strawberries!


Managers will be glad to answer all your questions by phone: +38 (050) 763-47-76. Manager work schedule: Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 18:00

OOO "Smol frut" - sells its products wholesale, to order the product, please call +38 (050) 763-47-76 or send an e-mail

FCA in case of self-collection from the farm,
DAP in case of delivery by our transport to the buyer's destination,
EXW in case of shipment from third enterprises (refrigerators).

We successfully sell our products in the EU, Ukraine and the CIS.


Our products have all the necessary environmental certificates and conclusions about these samples of land on which our products are grown.



  • Office adress:

    02152, Kiev, Pavel Tychyna Avenue, 1B, office A503

  • Sales department:

    +38 (050) 763-47-76
    MON-FRI from 09:00 till 18:00

Our customers and partners